Monday, February 26, 2024

Zayn Malik Cancels More Shows Due To Anxiety Problem

British singer and songwriter Zayn Malik is still seriously battling with anxiety. The 24-year-old singer has recently cancelled a number of gigs in Japan after rescheduling them for a later date. Though full refunds have been granted to all ticket holders, the promoter has stated that the singer called off the concerts because he wants the shows to be part of his planned world tour coming up soon. This is not the first time the former one direction pop star will be pulling out of shows due to extreme anxiety issues.Earlier this year, Zayn opened up about his ongoing battle with the crippling condition and assured fans he has learned to manage his anxiety much better. “It’s not a thing that you just get rid of overnight but it’s getting to a much more manageable place. I think it came from a lack of confidence, just a sense of disbelief in myself.” He said.Zayn, explaining how he had suffered with similar issues when he was a part of boy-band, believes going solo has helped him deal with his anxiety because he feels he is more in “control” than he was in the band. He added “You have a certain sense of control, which is nice. And I’m more confident in my ability and what I want to give to my fans. I can think of people coming out to see me perform as a positive thing now, rather than something I am dreading.”Photo Credit: Getty

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