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Widow Who Started Dating Her Brother-In-Law Weeks After Her Husband’s Death Finally Admits It’s A Mistake…Ends The Relationship

Widow Ashley Murrell turned to her brother-in-law Chris in the weeks after her husband. In the weeks after Mr Murrell’s death, Mrs Murrell became increasingly close to her husband’s brother Chris.Initially, Mrs Murrell claimed the relationship between herself and her brother-in-law was fake, simply to provide stability and support for her three children. She later acknowledged that they were romantically linked, but the 33-year-old has now written a public apology to her late husband Mikey, writing: “I’m so sorry that I’ve let you down.“You will always be in my heart Mikey and I know I’ve made mistake.

“I promise you that when my time comes I’m coming home to you.. Miss you uncontrollably xx”.

Friends had previously told the mum-of-three they were glad she had “found happiness again” with her husband’s brother.

She had previously changed her Facebook status to in a relationship with Chris, writing the pair had been “there for each other”.She wrote: “We became close and fell in love, it was never planned but it’s happened and it feels right. I will never ever forget my beautiful husband but life is too short to miss out on happiness.”Photo Credit: Getty

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