Thursday, May 23, 2024

Usher ‘Allegedly’ Settles Incurable STD Lawsuit With A Sum Of $1 Million

A secret that Usher would have probably liked to keep private has, unfortunately, come to light. According to lawsuit documents, he has reportedly paid out $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit with a stylist who claimed the pop star infected her with an incurable STD known as herpes.According to the documents, he had unprotected sex with the celebrity stylist, Maya Fox-Davis without confessing that he was carrying the virus.The law is clear in California: It is illegal to knowingly or recklessly transmit an STD. Usher allegedly did just that when he told the victim he had tested negative for the virus, despite a “greenish discharge” from his penis, the court papers say.Usher paid some of the victim’s medical bills in 2012 — $2,754.40 in all, the court papers show. That’s when he also had his doctor call the woman to tell her that the singer did indeed carry the herpes virus.Photo Credit: Getty

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