Friday, February 23, 2024

Tempers Flare As UK Conducts Historical First Gay Muslim Marriage Ceremony

The first ever gay Muslim wedding has taken place in the UK. Happy grooms Jahed Choudhury, 24, and Sean Rogan, 19, tied the knot wearing traditional golden Sherwanis in a civil ceremony at Walsall registry office. This is UK’s first same-sex marriages involving a Muslim partner.And Nigerian muslims have been raving on social media as the couple feel the full brunt of the Islamic faithfuls around the world. Read some of the comments posted below;
“There is nothing like Muslim gay marriage. No Imam can tie that kind of knot. It’s not permissible in Islam. People shouldn’t tag Muslims with their habits when it isn’t possible in the holy book, Quran”
“Anyone can call himself/herself a Muslim, but the real authentic one is the one practicing the way it is.”
“This is unislamic. They don’t appreciate God’s gift in the form of women. War unto them. No religion advocate gay marriage. they are assholes, condemned animals in human disguise.”
“And to think that if these he-goats are Muslims, they will know that any time they engage in gay sex, the earth shakes with vehemence… Oh, Allah! Thunder strike you dead where you are. I know no Imam in this world will ever solemnise the wedding…”

Photo Credit: Getty

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