Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Sportswear Giants Nike Redefines What A Sports Bra Should Look Like

When Nike introduced Flyknit in 2012, the material represented a major breakthrough in the sneaker industry. Sneaker uppers were traditionally made from pieces of material that had been cut out and sewn together. Nike’s innovation was a tough, durable knit, almost like a sock, that made for a nearly seamless shoe and conformed to the wearer’s foot. It improved fit and reduced weight.For the first time, Nike is now adapting those capabilities to apparel, and the product it chose for Flyknit’s introduction into its clothing is one notoriously difficult to engineer: the sports bra.According to Nike, its women’s design team had spoken to female athletes about their needs, and decided that Flyknit offered the best solution, given the way it to hold its shape and offers targeted support in different areas based on its knit structure. Nike says the new FE/NOM Flyknit bra forms to your body, cupping each breast individually and holding it firmly without the need of additional components such as wires, elastics, or pads.Photo Credit: Getty

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