Singer Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Her Divorce And Role In Mudbound For The Edit


Singer and actress Mary J Blige opens up to The Edit magazine about her private life and the pains of her ending her 13 year marriage to Martin Isaacs.Mary talked about how she used the pain of her divorce to emotionally fund her acclaimed role in ‘Mudbound’. Mary J was styled by Tracy Taylor in street style looks and lensed by Yelena Yemchuk.In the accompanying interview, Mary J said “A lot of the things we do in a relationship are in the name of love. You want to save it, so you do stupid stuff and give him what he wants, knowing you shouldn’t. You create a monster, Blige explains.She added: ‘I learned life is the greatest teacher. You gotta ask, what did you do to end up here? That’s when you can start to heal. And I realized that I must have hated myself, because I didn’t deserve to be treated like that.‘So I’m learning to love myself. Even in the midst of it all, I didn’t give up on myself – I went to the gym every day, I prayed. So when it blew up, I had some strength to keep going.’

Credit: The Edit

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