Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Shopping Mall With Husband Storage Facility Opens In China

To solve the boredom that comes with waiting for girlfriends or wives to shop, a shopping mall in China’s Shanghai city has launched “husband storage” facility equipped with a TV screen, a leather massage chair, and game consoles.“Men usually get bored when shopping with their female partners, so we have provided them a place to rest. They can play games and charge their mobile phones here,” said Zhou Jun, who operates and maintains the pods. Users scan to QR code to reserve a pod, which costs 20 yuan (around $3) for half an hour or 30 yuan per hour, Zhou said.However, not everyone is happy about the pods as some wives have complained that it is no fun shopping alone. “Who will carry my bag, chat with me and offer advice if my husband is sitting in a pod enjoying himself,” said a female shopper surnamed He.
Zhou said in the future the pods will be quipped with a curtain, air-conditioning and headsets to ensure a better user experience.
Photo Credit: Getty

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