Thursday, May 23, 2024

Shocking or Not? Blac Chyna Finally Goes Into Music

Blac Chyna’s association with popular rapper, Nicki Minaj, seems to be yielding positive results as the former video vixen doesn’t just want to appear in other people’s video anymore but now wants to create her own music as well. According to sources close to Blac Chyna, they said she’s entering the music game and is already recording in the studio.

Her genre of music has been placed under different categories namely; rap, “poetry music” and traditional singing. Several record labels are said to be coming forth with offers for the TV star while she has lined up several meetings with record labels in L.A., and already met bigwigs at Capital Records. Nicki Minaj as expected has been named as the inspiration behind Chyna’s new career path.
Photo Credit: Getty

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