Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Shocking! BBC Employee Caught On Live TV Watching Sex Video

Just this week at BBC’s News at Ten, viewers got an eyeful when a woman exposed her naked breasts on a computer screen behind presenter Sophie Raworth who was reading the news. A BBC worker, was spotted slumped in his chair, wearing headphones and was engrossed watching a woman remove her bra in the profane movie scene.

Ms Raworth, 49, was busy presenting a live piece on the England cricket team’s victory over South Africa, while eagle-eyed viewers noticed the screen over her shoulder. In the scene, the actress was wearing a black jumper while standing over a man during the clip which could be seen on Monday evening. She had removed her bra in an attempt to present a sex tease. The BBC had allegedly told reporters that the behavior was totally unprofessional. One of the viewers Lyndsey Robinson noticed the man watching the clip and posted a video of it on her Facebook page and wrote: “Did anyone else notice news last night on BBC???Credit: BBC

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