Friday, February 23, 2024

Royal Vibes! Prince Philip Of England Is Set To Retire At 96

Prince Philip who is 96-years-old and the husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, will retire this week Wednesday, 2 August after carrying out his last public appearance.The Duke of Edinburgh performed in a parade of the Royal Marines at Buckingham palace on Wednesday, concluding his 65 years service as captain general of the force. Giving a final royal wave in his visit to the Royal Marines, he completed his service of decades of supporting the Queen.The Prince met Royal Marines at Buckingham Palace for the final of his 22,219 solo engagements which he has attended since he ascended the throne in 1952. Phillip arrived at the grounds of Buckingham Palace where he celebrated the achievements of servicemen who took part in the 1664 Global Challenge. The Duke had announced in May that he would be retiring from royal engagements after more than 65 years service.Photo Credit: Getty

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