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Relationship: What To Do When You Are Tired Of An Obsessive Partner

They say love can make us do crazy things and make even the naturally nonchalant person a little bit obsessive but there is a thing line between loving someone and wanting to possess them. Obsession is a dangerous thing to live with even though at first it might make you feel important and needed. In the long run, obsession does not just limit itself to your partner wanting to have you around all the time but can spiral into a life threatening situation. When it comes to love, our society romanticizes intense, controlling relationships so much that it can be hard to recognise them for what they are.

Although a break up should be a last resort, our tips for today is for that moment when you are absolutely sure you have had enough and want out. Ending a relationship with an obsessive partner is usually the safest route to take although the actual act of it can be difficult to do for many. In this type of relationship, a clean cut is always better. Here are a few tips
Make Them Understand: Explain how their behavior is hurting you and your relationship. Don’t be vague about it. Enumerate some examples of when they were being obsessive, and explain to them how it negatively affected you
Tell Them What You Need: Make it a point to list down your expectations. Make sure that they are reasonable, so your partner will see that what you are asking for is fair. Be specific, and elaborate on how they can act on it. Don’t ask for something that they can’t provide, like an overnight reversal in their attitude.
Ask Them If They Can Provide It: It will be a long and difficult process, but your partner has to agree to make the changes needed. They have to be willing to make an effort to make the relationship work, as well as acknowledge and fix their problem.
Cut All Ties, If They Won’t. When it comes down to it, your partner may not agree to your stipulations. Obsessive people can be very stubborn, even more so when their paranoia kicks in. This is the time where you have to decide whether or not you’re ready to give up your toxic relationship.
Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Taken On A Guilt Trip: Most obsessive people are usually also good manipulators. Once they know you are leaving if bullying doesn’t work, making you feel guilty about your decision is the next step. Don’t allow your obsessive partner get into your mind and convince you against your better judgement. Its would be the beginning of a cycle you might end up regretting.
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