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Relationship: A Lady’s Guide To Finding A Good Man

Getting that good man of your dream is a difficult task and to be honest, finding a good woman can also be difficult. Although there isn’t a standard measurement for a good man or woman, it all depends on your taste. In this article we would be looking at five tips you can use to attract that special man you’ve always dreamt of.
Be yourself: Always be your self no matter the circumstance. Most people easily see through people’s fake attitude and not everyone is easily deceived.You might be tempted to act like someone else when you meet someone for the first time. You put on your best face which isn’t wrong, but then you would have to continue this way and it doesn’t take long before you are caught and this tends to repel men. Allow him to see you for who you really are so he makes his choice. If you have bad habits, work on them gradually and do not fake a behavior around him. The same applies with myths about dressing sexy and excessive flirtation. If you do not respect your body, you will only attract men who have a similar lack of respect for you and your body. Be real and a real man will respect you.Don’t be a drama queen but relax, be happy and have fun: As much as possible, try not to be stiff. Laugh as often as possible but don’t be careless about it. Be relaxed and cool. Do not be controlling, moody, possessive or act clingy. Most guys easily get weary. We all have too much going on in our lives so don’t be over-demanding. Men want a woman who makes life enjoyable not difficult. The same way you are looking for a good man, a good man is also looking for a good woman who he can be comfortable with.You must know your intentions of wanting a man: Ask yourself why you need a man desperately. Is it for a good or bad purpose or do you need a man just because you crave for a man’s attention? Are you just lonely? Or are you trying to get over a failed relationship? If you want a man because you want to fill up some form of void in your life, then this might just be a wrong reason and you must check within yourself for a positive reason. You can visit a therapist for counseling on your personal issues so you can have a healthy state of mind. You can only attract a mentally healthy man if your mental health is in order.Avoid being clingy: As much as you love this guy, try not to always be around him all the time. Appreciate their space. Being clingy might send a message that you do not know your self worth. They also need to know that you have your own life.Respect Him: This is very important if you want to get any man, good or bad. No matter how good a man might be, he would detest any woman who assaults his ego. Help him feel good about himself by complimenting him on his efforts. Just like women, men are insecure and giving him a little compliment will boost his self confidence. Always make him look like the man, assist him but don’t make him feel overshadowed. With all of these, you would win his respect.Don’t be empty: Get busy and productive, do not act needy and desperate. This is the most important thing for all ladies. No man respects a desperate dependent woman. No one loves having to carry an extra burden. If you have a low self-esteem, then work on it and build it. Create goals, pursue them and be focused. This way you will not be a bug in his life. A piece of warning though; avoid putting up a tough exterior to get over shyness. Have a network of friends you trust so you don’t over burden him with all your issues. Above all, always trust and love your self. Remember you can not be loved by someone else if you don’t love yourself first.

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