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Relationship: How Important Is Gift Giving In A Relationship?

One of the less spoken about topics in relationship is the act of gift giving. In order not to appear materialistic, both male and female partners tend to shove the issue of whether or not giving gifts is important under the carpet. For most couples, gift giving is reserved for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries while for some the concept if even non-existent.
You and your partner might not think anything of not exchanging gifts, but there are things you are actually missing out on for it. Another fabulous thing about gifts is that you can give it just for the heck of it. Asides those special occasions we mentioned earlier there are other times that a simple gift will go a long way to express how you feel
Gifts as an expression of love: Gift giving is an act of self-gratification. It is a good way of strengthening relationships. If you are in a friendship or a relationship, you should always show the other person how much you care for him or her. You don’t need to wait for an occasion in order to give a gift. Give one to show how much you love someone.

Gifts to apologize :There are times when you make mistakes, and a simple apology is not enough to make the other party forgive you. During times when words are not enough, it is best to express it with a gift. It will show that you are really sorry for what you have done.
Gifts to celebrate success: A good way to show that your loved one can count on your support and that you also celebrate their achievements is by giving gift. By doing this you, you inspire and motivate them to do better and be better individuals.

Gifts to say you are special: Nothing makes a person feel cherished more than an unexpected gift. Getting your partner a gift out of the blue shows that you have them in mind and think they deserve to be cared for.

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