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    Relationship: What Is The Difference Between ‘Liking’ And ‘Loving’?

    Telling the difference between liking and loving someone can be one of the most difficult things to do in your relationship with the opposite sex. Its usually the genesis of most relationships that don’t work out because the two feelings are so alike and telling them apart is not a skill many have perfected. Although we do know that there is actually a difference between liking someone and loving them, the heat of the moment can make it difficult to see the disparity. There are subtle differences that can help tell them apart, so when next you find yourself in a fix consider
    How You Think About A Future With Them: When you like someone, you might fantasize about marrying them.But when you love someone, you’ll realise that marrying them is a real possibility.
    How You See Other People: Its possible to like several people at once however, you’re (usually) only in love with one man at a time.
    How You Want To Improve Yourself: When you like someone, you’ll want them to make you happy but when you love someone, you’ll want to make them happy.How You See Them: Liking how a man’s body look doesn’t mean you love him on the other hand when you are really in love, you admire their personality as well.
    If Its Conditional: When you like someone, they might do something to make you change your mind about them,but when you love someone, nothing will be able to change your mind about them. 
    How Much You Are Willing To Sacrifice: If someone you like does something stupid, you might desert him, however, even when times get hard, you’ll stick by the man you love.
    How You Feel About Their Time:  Liking someone a lot is an obsessive feeling. You want them to call or text all the time. You might stalk their social media. You force them to have plans, or use sex and hooking up to control them. But love is different. Love understands that we are all autonomous beings seeking our individual fulfilment, which may not perfectly align to your vision.
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