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Relationship: 5 Reasons Why People Get Dumped In Relationships

Sometimes a relationship will never work no matter how much effort you put into it or how much you will it to work. Other times, its what both parties left undone that eventually tears them apart. Whether it is the man who chooses to dump the woman or she decides to walk away, there are always tell tale signs that indicate that there is something wrong somewhere. Today our focus will be on five reasons why some people get dumped and abandoned in their relationships so that you can use this information to reduce the chances of it happening to you – especially if you believe you have found the love of your life.

Not taking enough time to get to know the person you’re dating or trying to get involved with: You’re moving TOO fast and you end up choosing the wrong mate – one who likes to play games, or a waffler, or one who can’t stay out of the streets or out of the clubs and will most likely not commit to a serious relationship.
Your personality or habits turn him or her off: This person might be really “into you” at first but once he or she gets to know you, they feel you two aren’t compatible. Or, it was something about your looks, habits, personality, style, hygiene, priorities, or interests, that turned him or her off. This often happens to nice guys and girls but it is also the downfall of many people with a strong character who are serious-minded.
You neglect your lover and don’t show him or her enough attention: If you neglect with love, conversation, affection, support, or time, these things will definitely cause a lover to leave the relationship or even cheat.
You have too much baggage: Your love interest may have known this before you got together but thought that he or she could deal with it.
You have or cause too much drama: A nagging or controlling lover or spouse can turn a lover off too. And jealousy is probably at the top of the list. So, if you’re a jealous psycho, a nagging love-bird, or a control-freak, you can hang it up. Until you control your ways, you are never going to keep good love in your life.
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