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Relationship: 5 Easy Ways To Maintain An Online Relationship

Being in a relationship is very interesting, but relationships take a lot work to build, especially long-distance relationships or relationships essentially rooted over instant messenger or email.
Make daily conversations with your partner 
Try to get in touch through short email messages or SMS. Take out time to chat with your partner for at least an hour or more. This way you become part of their schedule and also keep track on their lives.
Give your partner full concentration.
When you’re talking to your partner, try to give them your full attention even if it is for a while. It’s like the online equivalent of a date or talking on the phone, and if you can give them your undivided attention then, why not online as well?
Try to be more playful
There’s nothing more pleasant than coming home after a long day and finding an unexpected romantic message. To keep the spice in the relationship, send each other random playful emails at unusual or unexpected times of the day.
Play games together online
MSN offers some good online games, and several PC games can be played with a partner, such as Audi or games at Facebook like Tetris. This once again gives a feeling of closeness despite not being physically together.
Limit joking/sarcasm to phone conversations only
It isn’t easy dictating the tune of sentences made by emails or instant messages. You might send a message that might be a joke but then your partner would just interpret it wrongly. So it is safer making communications through your mobile phone if you want to be a bit sarcastic or playful.Photo Credit: Getty

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