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From The Red Carpet To The Stage! Katy Perry Made Her Presence Known At 2017 MTV VMAs

Oh Katy Perry! Fans and internet begins to wonder and advices Katy Perry not to give up on music as hosting ‘may’ not be her thing! Aiming at entertaining the guests as she hosted the 34th annual MTV VMAs, Katy went all ‘shady’ thinking she was carrying the crowd along with some interesting jokes but unfortunately, the crowd seem uninterested and not impressed.Yeah, her red carpet look was on point and she nailed her look in a Stephane Rolland’s cut-out dress which she paired with her pixie-cut look but the stage didn’t really welcome the star right even as she appeared in a spacesuit.Before gracing the stage, Katy already made mention saying “When I do speak, it does get me into trouble. I’m looking forward to all the trouble I’m getting into tonight.”. Going into the main show, it happened that hosting performance is all the proof we need that perhaps she should have just given a shady performance of her Taylor Swift diss track ‘Swish Swish’ instead of subjecting the audience and fans to all her cringe-worthy jokes and gags.Wanting to swap her space suit for something more on trend, Katy was presented with a rack of clothing on stage, even managing to take a dig at arch-rival Taylor Swift by referencing her arch-rival Kanye West and his clothing line Yeezy, but it wasn’t long before she settled on “very retro-pilgrim” and picking up a costume from The Handmaid’s Tale.“This one is so beautiful, what is it? Is this Balenciaga for 2017? Very retro pilgrim; it’s super cool. 2016 was terrible but it feels like things are getting better, especially in fashion, right?” Katy said holding up the dress. Unfortunately the joke fell flat. Watch the awkward moment. Her dry-jokes did not even stop there as the star dares to show the guests how she could make things more juicy with a baby!Appearing on stage with a baby doll strapped to her, the singer introduced her “social media baby” to the crowd, saying she was “sponsored by Fit Tea” and is already a big “influencer”. The crowd couldn’t get the message and point of her jokes but many ‘confirmed’ it was all for the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ singer, Taylor Swift who wasn’t even present at the event but as usual, we wonder what and where exactly Katy was driving at.Photo Credit: Getty

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