Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Rebel Wilson Launches Plus-Size Fashion Line ‘Rebel Wilson X Angels’

Famous Australian actress Rebel Wilson has launched her new plus-size contemporary fashion line called ‘Rebel Wilson X Angels’. The fashion label for women sized 14 to 24, was launched recently at Dia&Co in New York and it features innovative lycra-infused denim pieces developed with “cool” new technology and a range of capsule styles.The 37-year-old Pitch Perfect star monumentally known as ‘Fat Emmy’, promises the collection will be available later this summer through select retailers, including Dia&Co, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom. “They’re a big thing, especially what I call ‘body-con.’ There’s not a lot out there that’s on the more youthful side. There’s a lot of more ‘auntie dresses’ in plus-size,” she said. “I like to present a very confident, youthful energy, and we have a lot of cute dresses that are fitted where they should be fitted. I think that’s why girls relate to me, because I have an inner confidence. I’m not looking to hide people’s figures, I’m looking to celebrate them.” The actress said.“I love creating something from nothing,” Rebel told a source, “I’ve had to create my own plays, television roles, and movie projects in order to play the parts I’ve wanted. It’s what I’ve always done as an actress, but I never thought as a teenager that I’d someday have a fashion line.” “I was a young woman making money, and there were no clothes to buy,” Rebel added. “It felt like if you were over a certain size, designers didn’t care about you.”Photo Credit: Getty

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