Friday, February 23, 2024

Orange Is the New Black Star Danielle Brooks Opens Up On Life, Hollywood And Career

Prolific actress Danielle Brooks was tapped to grace the fashion feature of Vulture magazine.The screen star who radiates an infectious energy in all her work, having worked as Taystee Jefferson on Orange Is The New Black, the role that gave the 27-year-old Juilliard alumna her big break; in her commanding Tony-nominated performance as Sofia in her Broadway debut in The Color Purple revival last year; or even her scene-stealing performances on Girls and Master of None, opens up about her career, acting and life in the magazine.On her life she noted that “I am very happy. I’m happy with my career, I’m happy with the growth that I’m taking as an artist. I love the career that I’m starting to build for myself. I like the patience that I’m learning in this process. I think sometimes when you come out of school you’re just so hungry to be accepted in this business, and then once you’re accepted you just want to take it to another level with being one of the top in the industry. But I’m realizing, for me, what’s most important is the work and continuing to be asked to be a part of the work, to have that longevity in this business. That’s really important to me, to have the respect in that way. And sometimes that respect doesn’t only come in these awards that so many of us hope for. It comes with the hiring, in people saying, “Hey, I want to work with Danielle Brooks.” That to me is winning. Because ultimately what I want to do is continue to tell narratives that haven’t been told, for that little black girl that wants to do this. They can look up and say, “Oh man, there’s me.” That’s what I want”. Credit: Vulture

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