Sunday, June 16, 2024

Massive Wildfire Grips California, Forces Thousands To Evacuate

Thousands of firefighters have been deployed to California, United States where  a massive wildfire ravaging the historic foothills town of Mariposa began days ago.More than 3,100 firefighters are still trying to contain it as they are looking to also protect, Yosemite National Park, one of the nation’s most popular national parks open to its estimated 20,000 daily visitors. The fire has already burned through more than 48,000 acres — a larger area than Washington, D.C — destroyed 29 buildings and put 1,500 more in jeopardy even as only seven percent has been contained.The wildfire is only one of dozens burning across the West. Officials are describing this fire that began on Sunday as “extreme and aggressive,” online reports say. In just two days, it has nearly doubled in size and forced thousands of people from their homes.Almost 5,000 people are under an evacuation order, including the entire town of Mariposa. In nearby Yosemite Park, which remains open, the fire has knocked out some power lines during what is peak tourist season.Photo Credit: Getty

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