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Manchester United, Barcelona & Real Madrid Top The World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams Of 2017

Yesterday, Forbes released its annual list of The World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams and you won’t believe which teams made it. Firstly, professional American football teams, The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Yankees topped this year’s list in the first and second position respectively.While renowed soccer teams of Manchester United valued at $3.69 billion, appeared at No. 3, Barcelona valued at $3.64 billion as No. 4 and Real Madrid valued at $3.58 billion as No. 5.See the complete list below:
1. Dallas Cowboys, $4.2 billion, 5% (NFL)
2. New York Yankees, $3.7 billion, 9% (MLB)
3. Manchester United, $3.69 billion, 11% (Soccer)
4. Barcelona, $3.64 billion, 2% (Soccer)
5. Real Madrid, $3.58 billion, -2% (Soccer)
6. New England Patriots, $3.4 billion, 6% (NFL)
7. New York Knicks, $3.3 billion, 10% (NBA)
8. New York Giants, $3.1 billion, 11% (NFL)
9. San Francisco 49ers, $3 billion, 11% (NFL)
9. Los Angeles Lakers, $3 billion, 11% (NBA)
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