Thursday, May 23, 2024

Malawi Issues Arrest Warrant For Ex-President Joyce Banda Over £200m ‘Cashgate Corruption Scandal

The Malawi Police Service have issued an arrest warrant for former President Joyce Banda over a corruption scandal, known as cash-gate, during her time in office.Malawi’s police said they have “unearthed credible evidence” in connection with the $250m (£190m) cashgate corruption scandal which “raises reasonable suspicion that the former president committed offences relating to abuse of office and money laundering”. Ex-President Joyce Banda is outside the country and the police have said they will ask Interpol for help in getting her to come home. Cashgate is the biggest financial scandal in Malawi’s history and involved the loss of some $250m of state money. Ex-President Joyce Banda has not commented on the allegations against her.Photo Credit: Getty

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