Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Makeup Trends: All Round Dark-Eye Makeup Taking Over Beauty

In beauty, black is the new bae!

Dark-eye makeup is all over and thanks to this trend, ladies can’t get enough of the colour ‘black’. All round dark-eye is all cool and guess what, it can be rocked for all kind of events ranging from cause, semi-casual or even corporate gatherings.All round dark-eye makeup is taking over beauty and we can’t help but join the trend even as we re-introduce you and bring your attention back to this trend as models, celebrities, and all ladies from all over the globe can’t do without wearing this makeup look.Dark-eye makeup creates a particular flawless look you can never do without as it also gives room to more creativity especially when you aim at adding more colours to complement the real look. Checkout more of the looks as you re-consider joining in the trend. Photo Credit: Getty

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