Makeup Trends: Monochromatic Face-Beat Games With Lasting Memories


Makeup just got even better with the latest trend showcased by beauticians. This season seems to welcome the monochromatic makeup like never before as it comes back with incredible matching trend.The monochromatic makeup explains how best to use only one makeup colour to create different looks and combine perfectly without going wrong.The whole idea of a monochromatic makeup is that, you can use just a single colour for your lips, eyelid, blush or even eyeliner depending on how exactly you want to wear your look.This makeup look brings no restriction as it can be worn with different hairstyles such as sleek, slick, ponytail, curly, straight, wavy, bun, and braids amongst many others.Any lady can rock this look regardless of your skin-colour, nationality, or whatever. It comes in different looks from matte, glossy, metallic and many more depending on individual preference. It can be worn for all kinds of event. Photo Credit: Getty

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