Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Makeup Trends: Beautiful Freckles Might Not Be A Bad Idea After All

Its so amazing how freckles seem to be the reigning it making it even difficult for beauticians which is natural or not. Freckles from generation comes as a natural beauty look but now, KOKOnistas who doesn’t have it naturally goes all out getting this beautiful dots on their faces artificially. Gone are those days when people use to see freckles as skin-irritation, now its totally different as most people see it as stunning dots which helps in enhancing one’s beauty.As if thats not enough, makeup artists now even adopt this trend in adding more flavour to their makeup skills. Models now wear them on runways and celebrities bold rock them to perform.Freckles are beautiful, freckles are stunning and guess what, freckles knows how best to leave your face looking radiant regardless your skin-colour or nationality. Photo Credit: Getty

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