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Magazine Cover: Tinashe Was At Her Sultry Best For Galore

Tinashe really showed some skin in her latest spread with Galore Magazine. The R&B singer was photographed in a series of bathing suits for the magazine’s Summer ’17 edition.The photos were shot by Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat, the creative duo who founded Galore. The entire spread had one aim and one aim only – give everybody mermaid vibes and summer loving. Tinashe looked super-amazing and she fully deserves to show off her summer body. Read excerpts from her interview with the magazine below;
On doing “Slumber Party” with Britney: “I mean that whole experience was incredibly surreal. The first time we worked together face to face was in a teeny tiny little studio somewhere in the valley in LA that you would definitely never expect Britney to be rehearsing in. She pulled up and was wearing a velour tracksuit!”On relationships: “So much of my life is dedicated to what I do that if someone else had that same sense of dedication to what they’re doing, to find even the time to hang out [would be] really hard. In the perfect world I’d be like I’ll just find a guy who’s able to travel with me.”On sexism in the industry: “The most blatant sexism I received was more toward the beginning of my career when people thought of me more as a cute girl who got a deal who didn’t necessarily earn her place here. It was an attitude of, ‘okay, this girl is hot,’ and a lot of people just really objectifying me in studio situations when I’m trying to make a song with a producer or writer. Especially because I was only like 18, 19 at the time, there were a lot of older guys seemingly more interested in the physical aspect or the sexual aspect of potentially working with me rather than making a good song. Which is obviously frustrating and a little bit upsetting. But more and more as I gained respect as a songwriter as someone who deserves to be here, I think it happens to me less. At least to my face.”Photo Credit: Galore

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