Thursday, May 23, 2024

Machine Gun Kelly Debuts Reebok’s 2017 Club C Overbranded Campaign

Athletic footwear and apparel company Reebok went for American rapper Machine Gun Kelly to star in its Club C Overbranded campaign. Lensed by photographer Atiba Jefferson for the fashion brands advertisement.The outing takes inspiration from the warehouse parties of the nineties. Traveling to Chicago, Machine Gun Kelly takes to an abandoned warehouse for the campaign. He sports Reebok’s Club C sneakers, which come in six colourways. Machine Gun Kelly also talks to Reebok about personal style. He shares, “You can match your emotions with your clothing and say what you want without having to physically speak.” MGK continues, “When you’re an expressive person you don’t always want to just have to say how you feel or how you feel about yourself, so you can wear it instead.”Not afraid to take fashion risks, he explains, “My style is show-ready, every time I put clothes on I’m striving to be iconic and knowing that at any moment the right look could last forever.”Photo Credit: Reebok

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