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Lifestyle: Incredible Health Benefits Of Music You Never Knew Existed

In the words of music genius, Kanye West “My music isn’t just music — it’s medicine”. But there is actually a lot of truth hidden in Kanye’s boastfulness. In a lot of ways music is medicine: it does everything from decreasing your anxiety to helping you fall asleep at night. So go ahead and listen to that playlist while you read our listed benefits of listening to music:
Favourite tunes keep you calmAccording to researchers, listening to your favourite music can lower anxiety among people and this was reported as a result of a University study carried out on patients about in which about one third of them reacted. Not just any tunes though, it had to be familiar and comforting pieces.
Mood music makes you eat lessAccording Psychological reports, giving restaurants a fine-dining makeover—including soft lighting and jazz—diners can determine moods, its either you eat less or enjoy your food more.
Group singing makes you happyBritish researchers recently surveyed 375 people who sang in a choir, sang alone, or played on a sports team. All the activities contributed to greater emotional well-being, but people in choirs reported feeling happier than those who belted out tunes solo. Chorus members also rated their groups as more meaningful social experiences than athletes did with their sports teams. The physical act of synchrony—acting in time with others—or choral singing could promote feelings of unity.
Playing an instrument may protect brain sharpness later in lifeThe more years middle-aged and older adults spent playing musical instruments as children, the faster their brains responded to speech sounds during an experiment, according to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience. A slower response could be indicative of how ably adults interpret speech. Also, give these morning brain exercises a try to keep you sharp.
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