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Lifestyle: Five Ways To Make Good Use Of Your Time

Managing your time is an important skill to cultivate. This way, we are able make the most out of each day, leading to success. To manage your time, make sure you follow a daily schedule that allows you to make the most out of the day. Use your time productively by working in the right environment and prioritizing tasks. Minimize distractions by shutting off your phone and social media when necessary.
Plan: Create a “to do list”! This would help you to be more organized. Do this before you begin your work load for the day. Create the list in order of most important task. You can do this using numerals or indicating “very important” for task that can’t wait to be done and “important” for tasks that can wait.
Your work environment inspires you: Your work environment also determines your output. If your environment makes you comfortable you tend to be more productive. You can surround yourself with inspiring decorations or pictures of mentors that push you to work harder. Inspiration is the key.
Maximise every second: Make use of every spare time. Always have something to do. Keep work with you at all times.Use the few minutes while going home on the bus to read articles for school or work. Another way of making good use of your time is while waiting in line at a grocery store or bus stop, send out work e-mails on your phone. Download audio books or lectures which you would listen to while walking home or to work. If you are a student, downloading lecture materials would be a good idea.
Turn off distractions: Gadgets are great sources of distraction, if you choose to work then it is best you turn off your phone. If possible you can turn off your phone throughout the day. Do not put it on silent mode. Phones are better turned off because it lessens the possibility of peaking at your social media during the day. But if having your phone on you is necessary for your work, placing it across the room will be a good idea. Turn off alerts that are not necessary to work. This way you would not be tempted access your phone. Set out a time limit to complete a task: Delineating a time limit for a project helps you to focus so as to keep to time. Instead of saying you would make sure you complete a project, say to your self “I would make sure I complete this project in the next 3 hours”. Even if you don’t completely finish, you still would have gone a long way. Photo Credit: Getty

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