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Lifestyle: 5 Safety Tips For The Rainy Season

With the weather reports promising more rain in the coming weeks, it is very important to take necessary precautions to ensure safety at all times. Although rainfalls can come without warning, but preparing ahead for it would go a long way towards securing lives and property.Here are five important things to do this season

Proper Waste Disposal: This is is one important aspect of our lifestyle we should all take into consideration more this period. Waste products around the house should be tied neatly in a waste disposal nylon to avoid littering then eventually blockage of drainage systems. This would further deter malaria-carrying mosquitoes from making your environment their hang out spot due to the presence of stagnant water.
Exercise More Caution Around Electricity: Water is a very good conductor of electricity, therefore it is important we are more cautious when dealing with electricity. Avoid leaving electrical appliances on when the house is deserted and also make sure all sources of power within your environment are properly insulated to avoid electrocution or shock.
Drive Only When Necessary: It is advisable to avoid driving during the rainy season as this period is more accident prone. Slippery roads and lack of visibility are major causes of road accidents during the rainy season. If you do have to drive, be extra careful and drive safe.Child Safety: Little ones should be properly clothed and kept indoors as much as possible during the rainy season as there several things that may pose danger to them. When they do have to play outside, adult supervision should be made available.
Be Your Brother’s Keeper: As much as you watch out for your own safety also look out for possible sources of danger in your vicinity that might not pose immediate threat to you but to others. You might just be saving a life by so doing.Photo Credit: Getty

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