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KOKO’s Men Of The Week: 7 Top Stylish Men In NBA

Factually one of the most decorated sports of all time is basketball. And as talented as the players are on the court, they also know how to relate their skills to their fashion sense. With earning huge pay-cheque, much is really expepted from theses players as regards to how they play, live and dress. Often snapped up by teams straight out of college (or even high-school), their ever-glowing bank account doesn’t always translate to a well-thought-out wardrobe. Today we will be checking out some of the most famous NBA players who have been able to stand out with their styles.Karl-Anthony Towns
The 21-year-old who plays Center for Timberwolves has been able to make a name for himself thanks to his impressive sense of style.Nick Young
The superstar who plays Guard and forward for Los Angeles Lakers and NBA fans are too preoccupied with his headline-grabbing footwearto notice the rest of his style choices, which is a shame, because the Lakers’ scoring guard doesn’t disappoint in that department either.Draymond Green
The 27-year-old Plays for Warriors and overtime he has shown himself to be a confident and savvy dresser as he is always looking his best whenever spotted.LeBron James
Hebron is of the most talked about NBA player and he plays Forward for Cleveland Cavaliers. While he’s undoubtedly a divisive figure, simultaneously ranking as the “most loved” and “most hated” player in the NBA, if there’s one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to LeBron, it’s that he knows how to work his wardrobe.Jimmy Butler
Butler plays Shooting guard and Small forward for Bulls, and he is one of the few NBA players so confident in their personal style that they feel comfortable experimenting far beyond the boundaries of their contemporariesMarc Gasol
Spanish NBA star that plays Centre for Grizzlies has more coordinated looks and one thing unique to his style is his penchant for smart colours.Dwyane Wade
Plays Guard for Miami Heat and really when considering style in the NBA, Dwyane Wade is certainly one of the first names to spring to mind. While he’s certainly not shy of a bold bit of streetwear, Wade’s fashion sense tends to favor extravagant suiting and formalwear with a colourful.Photo Credit: Getty

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