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KOKO’s Men In Fashion: 7 Soccer Players With Styles To Emulate

Realistically, we all know a well dressed man when we see one. But i strongly believe that fashion prowess should be rewarded, no matter what nationality, gender or sport. As regards to that, our KOKO’s men in fashion goes to the super cool score players with amazing fashion inspirations. So together lets examine 7 of the top most stylish score players in the game. Jerome Boateng, Germany
Referred to a ‘fashion icon’ Jerome was named Germany’s best-dressed man in 2015. His Instagram account boast pics of him posing with various different pairs of rare and collectible Nike trainersCristiano Ronaldo, Portugal
But there’s more to him than a diamond stud, slicked back hair and a perma tan. When he’s not playing football, the Portuguese forward is busy running his CR7 fashion empire, which continues to go from strength to strength.Adam Lallana, England
Adam made the transition from footie to fashion seamlessly. In 2014, high street store French Connection chose him to model their pre-fall collection, and the rest as they say is history. One of the few men that looks good in a polo neck, he has great style. On the pitch Adam boasts a beautiful bouffant hair style and a carefully crafted beard. The footballer most men want to look, and dress like.Daniel Sturridge, England
Daniel loves fashion and isn’t afraid to say so: “In fashion you express yourself however you want. You express your personality.”Joe Ledley, Wales
The Crystal Palace midfielder has gained notoriety for his rather splendid beard. The now famous facial hair quite rightly has its own twitter account ‘JoeLedleysBeard’, which BTW now has 8,099 followers. Off the pitch he has a unique and quirky style and has managed to make the bow tie his signature look, but in a good way, which is no easy thing.

Aaron Ramsey, Wales
Football aside, the Caerphilly-born star has dominated recent football coverage thanks to his newly-dyed blond locks. Following the grand unveiling of his new do, he received 42,000 likes on Instagram. Signed to Elite modelling agency in 2014, the Arsenal midfielder knows how to put a look together. He recently told Vogue magazine: “I’d love to work with Tom Ford, his label is a real favourite of mine… At this moment in time I wouldn’t want to do any shoots with my kit off… I don’t think my fiancee would be too happy about that! I still have to get used to pulling poses for the camera – it doesn’t come naturally to me – I feel lost without a football close by!”Sergio Ramos, Spain
The Real Madrid captain’s style can best be described as fearless. There aren’t many men that can pull off fur line coats, Gucci belts and leather gloves but I have to confess he does it with flair. Ramos is only one tattoo behind Beckham and is definitely the Golden Balls of the Spanish fashion scene.Photo Credit: Getty

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