Tuesday, June 18, 2024

KOKOnista Of The Day: Soraya De Carvalho Is The Quintessential Fashion Blogger

Our KOKOnista for today is the sensational fashion blogger Soraya De Carvalho and she is based in the UK (England) in a little town called Nottingham. Soraya who is currently studying, seeks to make her hobby a career some day.While expressing herself through her fashion blog, she has proven to be very creative, and her quest for knowledge and inspiration never ends. Always looking out for the lasts trend because she enjoys experimenting with fashion, seeing what works and what does not, and also working out why it doesn’t work.What Soraya loves about fashion is, how it can define you as a person, that is, the colours you choose, the styles, the accessories, how they all combine to give you an overall style that is unique for you. Photo Credit: Soraya De Carvalho

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