Sunday, April 14, 2024

KOKOnista Of The Day: Krystal Bick Is Literally The Queen Of Fashion Statements

Krystal Bick is a lifelong West Coaster, living now in New York City and she has a penchant for midi-length dresses, a classic Manolo pump and whiskey neat, all equally the same, even better if combined. She often asked how she would describe her style and she’s bad at answering that question (for all the cliche reasons you can probably think of).Krystal started her blog This Time Tomorrow as a pretty clueless senior in college, about to graduate in the midst of a recession. Her background was in print journalism, so regardless of where she ultimate career path took her next, Krystal knew she wanted to make sure writing stayed focal to some degree.Fast forward to several start up stints before ultimately joining the marketing team at Google for 5 years, she’s now focusing on her blog full time and she’s loving every minute of the entrepreneurial challenge. Credit: Krystal Bick

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