Friday, February 23, 2024

KOKOnista of The Day: Erika Boldrin Has A Thing For Smart Looks

Erika Boldrin was born in Milan 29 years ago and she still lives there. She is a lover of silence, tranquility, being alone at certain times and often look at people: beautiful, ugly, nice, boring because it gives her a sip of life. Erika ventured into fashion at the age of 5 at least she had a very clear ideas of what to wear.Most importantly, she loves her name, kids, her adorable friends, dark chocolate, honey, snow, swimming pool, sun and hot, red ladybugs, abstract paintings, photography, fashion, sms, l Fishing, inter, boiling water, moon and night, raspberries, green eyes, cinema, sleeping, walking barefoot, goose skin with emotion, curiosity, punctuality.Erika never wear things too short or too loose, does not like extravagant things and streaked styles. Her blog Free Choice is a platform where she posts photographs, thoughts and moments of life.Credit: Erika Boldrin

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