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KOKO Weddings: Mistakes Newly Weds Make While Planning Their Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is one of the most hectic things you can ever take on and for most couples, making arrangements for the honeymoon only compounds the workload. Experts claim that the honeymoon marks the official start of your married life and so seems to carry with it signs of what the future will hold. Unfortunately, many newly weds often make some mistakes they are not even aware of. Below are some of those mistakes and how to avoid them.Going Too Big: One common mistake couples make is planning a trip that’s super adventurous or far-flung right after the big day. You will be exhausted after days of parties and intense emotion and will want to crash and rehash. If you have to turn around and get on a long flight and then something action-packed like a safari, you will be exhausted. Instead, go for something truly easy—like a low-key beach resort—or having a buffer between the wedding and a major honeymoon.Not Communicating: Wile it is a lovely idea to have one person surprise another, it is a lot of pressure on one person and can backfire if the other person has really different ideas of what they want. Often the best honeymoons include each person introducing something—an activity or a region—to the other. If you cannot agree on a destination, you may want to turn to a travel expert who will likely suggest places that they have not thought of.Not Researching Enough: Couples who love super luxurious resorts should not pick a remote location that doesn’t have great places to stay, while someone who loves being active might be miserable sitting on a private beach for a week. The more honest a couple can be about their wishes, the easier it is to create just the right recipe. You should ask what is most important to each of you in a hotel, a location, and a great day and then compromise so you both get those things every day or in a portion of the trip.Expecting Too Much: It is impossible not to have high expectations for your honeymoon, but you should bring a relaxed attitude as well. The problem with expectations is that you can read too much into things and create your own disappointments. So instead focus on having as much fun as you can and create memories you will both cherish for a long time.Photo Credit: Getty

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