Wednesday, June 19, 2024

KOKO Weddings: Getting In Shape For Your Big Day

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day and the perfect wedding of course requires a perfect bride or at least something close to that. As the stress of your big day builds up to a crescendo, it is important you keep your energy levels up and remain fit for the grand finale. You don’t have to go all out fitness freak overnight, but a few weeks to your wedding will be a good time to get started on a workout routine. Here are three quick tips for you to get startedStick With A Plan: The best fitness regimen is one you can stick to. When stress levels are high and motivation wanes, sign up for a yoga or fitness class with a friend who will hold you accountable if you cancel at the last minute. To make sure that you achieve your goal as well, switch your thinking from: “I need to look great on my wedding” to: “How can I be healthy in the lead-up to the wedding and beyond?”Set Achievable Goals: Your wedding day might be the kick-start you need to finally reach your desired fitness level. Set realistic weekly goals based on your fitness, and dial them up in the lead-up to the day when you’re in optimal condition.Switch Up Your Style: If you already have an ongoing work-out plan, now may be a good time to tweak it to suit your new goal. The change of pace will not only keep you motivated, it will also target different areas of the body (and mind) that your current regimen might not. All in all the aim is to get your ‘wedding-body’ ready, keep you in high spirits and make sure you have enough energy to slay on your big day.Photo Credit: Getty

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