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KOKO Weddings: 5 Ways To Keep Guests Comfortable On Your Wedding Day

Keeping your guests comfortable might not be as difficult as you have imagined. You might want to invite a lot of people and would be apprehensive on how to render an impressive reception. Luckily for you, keeping your guests happy is super easy and it doesn’t have to involve hiring the priciest brand or serving up an extravagant meal. Here are five simple things you can do to ensure your friends and family also have the time of their lives as well as you on your big day.1. Make arrangements for affordable accommodation: Because so many of the guests might be coming in to town and would definitely need a resting place, it won’t be a bad idea to offer to host them to stay in a family member’s house, your house or an affordable hotel with a discount. This would go a long way in the hearts of your guests and they would remember your kind gesture.2. Feed them. The truth is even if you have to try not being extravagant, what you intend serving your guests on your wedding day matters a lot. Be aware of the type of guests who are going to be present and make provision for the kind of meal they are known to like. You can also provide pastries or snacks for the guests before the real meal is served so they do not get bored easily. Finally make sure that there is always enough food to go around, so nobody gets angry! However you might not be able to carry this out all by yourself since you are going to be the centre of attraction, so it is advisable to hire a renowned catering service or get someone who you can trust for efficiency when it comes to managing this occasion.3. Protect them from the elements. Always consider the the weather and time of the year when choosing your wedding date. This would determine if the wedding would be indoor or outdoor. If you are keen on having your wedding outdoor, then be familiar with the wedding forecast for the day so that the elements do not surprise you. If possible make provision for shade and sunscreen to keep your guests comfortable in an outdoor wedding.4. Make sure bathrooms are easily accessible. If you’re having a large wedding, a one-stall bathroom may not be the best choice for you or for your guests. You do not want to hear about an overflowing toilet on your wedding day so keep bathrooms in mind when selecting your venue and if there are no toilets in the venue you can consider bringing in temporary ones.5. Make sure to send an invitation with the venue clearly stated If you’re not providing transportation for your guests, make sure you do share information with them on how they can get from their residences to your venue and back to their residences safely at the end of the night. Whether your send emails or send invitation cards on how to get to the destination of your wedding, you’ll have to make sure that your guests are able to find their way easily.Photo Credit:Getty

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