Tuesday, June 18, 2024

KOKO Quotes: The Wise One, The Foolish One And The Difference

Everyone wants to be wise. Everyone wants others to recognise them as wise. Both appear to be the same objective, but in truth, the road to each is as diverse as opposite ends of a spectrum. In their bid to do both via the same route, man always manages to jumble both up and end up closer to nowhere. Or sometimes closer to the one less intended.Like whenever man tries to increase the wisdom of his head, he ends up appearing foolish to his fellow men. A lady who decides to stick with a good but lowly man who possesses nothing but dreams and potential appears foolish to the world whereas she is trying to thread the pathway of wise women before her. A boy who decides against helping out a friend in the examination hall when he has the chance to appears foolish whereas he is wisely teaching the friend the lesson that this life does not suffer cheats easily.But when man decides to appear wise to his fellow men, he ironically ends up reducing the wisdom in his head. Cozying up to riches while paying no heed to self respect and if a future vision exists would make the same lady previously talked about look wise, whereas she fits the criteria of senselessness. In the same breath, trying to please your friend instead of teaching him life lesson would also make the boy previously talked about look like the “correct guy” to the world, whereas he is heading gradually to nothingness. Craig Shakespeare got it just right.Photo Credit: Getty

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