Friday, February 23, 2024

KOKO Quotes: You Cannot Go Far If You Go Solo

We all crave our independence. Because we all know the unpredictability of the reaction when we add humans into the equation. People hinder us, distract us, delay us, disappoint us and ultimately usually end up destroying our visions. It is unsurprising that we would rather attack our dreams solo because after all, nobody can get it like we do. Nobody can have the same zeal for what you dream of like you do.But wisdom reaches us otherwise. While going independence gives us speed, being interdependent rather gives us endurance. And the men who have travelled ahead of us in this journey of life keep reiterating that life is a marathon, and not a 100 meter sprint. And with a marathon, you don’t need speed but endurance. So if you want to travel fast in life, then you should dispense with everybody. But if you want to travel far, you would need the endurance that the support network of people around you provides.Photo Credit: Getty

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