Monday, February 26, 2024

KOKO Knows: Everyone Is Blind For At Least 40 Minutes Everyday

It seems the word blind may actually apply to us all. This is because of the phenomenon known as Saccadic Masking. Saccadic Masking also known as (visual) saccadic suppression, is the phenomenon in visual perception where the brain selectively blocks visual processing during eye movements in such a way that neither the motion of the eye (and subsequent motion blur of the image) nor the gap in visual perception is noticeable to the viewer. Want to try something fun? Stand in front of a mirror and stare at your left eye, then your right. Look back to your left eye again. Did you see your eyes move? Nope, you didn’t. Because of Saccadic Masking we are practically blind for 40 minutes of everyday. 
Photo Credit: Getty

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