Monday, February 26, 2024

Kim Kardashian Sued Over Using Her Initials ‘KKW’ For Her Cosmetic Line

Few weeks ago, in less than 3 hours, Kim Kardashian’s launched her makeup line “KKW cosmetics” which sold out tremendously and has continued to be extremely popular with her fans.However, a Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, has not been thrilled  over the beauty vlogger’s cosmetic line and is reportedly suing Kim over the cosmetic line. The reality star is being taken to court by Kirsten for stealing her initials and profiting off her already established brand. She had claimed that her makeup brand is a well known and makes a lot of profit globally.The makeup artist further said that Kim’s new line is developing confusion for her customers and that the occurrence is deliberate by the beauty goddess Kim. Unfortunately for Kim, the court favored the Danish makeup artist, instructing Kim to hand over all profits to Kirsten and pay damages.Photo Credit: Getty

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