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‘I’m Lucky To Have Someone Who Is So Conscious’ Blake Lively Opens Up In Glamour Magazine

Famous multi-talented screen star Blake Lively was tapped by Glamour Magazine for their September 2017 issue where she opened up on marriage, ideas and of course career in an interview with the brand’s Alex Morris.Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, the dazzling star was styled by Jilian Davison in gorgeous fashion pieces. For her beauty look, she went for a blonde wavy hairstyle done by Rod Ortega which she paired with nude skin-blending makeup done by Kristofer Buckle.Glamour: How long are you in Vancouver?

Blake Lively: My husband’s shooting Deadpool, and I’m here for the full shoot. We don’t work at the same time. We’re here as a fami­ly, then we’ll pack up, and I’ll go do a couple movies.Glamour: How does that work, when you have two people with amazing careers? It must require some careful negotiation.

Blake Lively: I admire people who find that what fulfills them is their art or their work, but what fulfills both me and my husband is our family. Knowing that, everything else comes second. We’ve each given up stuff we loved in order to not work at the same time. I’m fortunate to be in a place now where I get to find the material—a book or script—early and develop it. So I know ahead of time that I’m going to be working on this job at this time. And we can plan around it.Glamour: One thing you found early is The Husband’s Secret. What about it made you say, “I want to produce this one”?

Blake Lively: It’s a little bit pulpy; that makes it really fun. And there are a bunch of women at the center of it—strong women, flawed women. Any day you employ women, to me, is a good day.Glamour: You’ve said before that you are drawn to characters who are complicated, but not just complicated because they’re damaged.

Blake Lively: I think that onscreen—at least in the mainstream—complicated women are black-and-white. They’re villains, or they’re heroic. And that’s just not real life…. We all have a lightness, and we all have darkness, and we all have plenty of shades in between.Credit: Glamour Magazine

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