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I’m Engaged! Kate Upton Revealed & More In The Daily Summer’s Latest Issue

American actress and supermodel Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Upton who’s best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is the latest cover star of The Daily Summer.Photographed by Matt Easton and Siobhan Roso, the 25-year-old beauty opened-up about her engagement and many more in an interview with Daily Summer.How has your life changed?
 Where do I start? I feel like I’m in a much more stable place in my life than when I was 19. I’m engaged! [Upton’s fiancé is Detroit Tigers baseball player Justin Verlander.] I’m still growing my career and branching out into new directions. I also understand the world that I’m in better, and maybe I have a better appreciation for it.What’s next for you in fashion?
I found the most success through my message of body confidence and positivity. I want to continue being a spokesperson for that, and helping women find balance between living a healthy life—working out and eating well—but also enjoying their lives. In terms of Hollywood, I’ve been taking acting classes for seven years. I want to continue growing in that outlet but continue my modeling career as well.Do you have any regrets?
Of course, but any mistake that I’ve made in my professional life has been a learning experience. Now, I’m smarter and more prepared.You have a massive Instagram presence. Does it stress you out to have so many followers?
I’m one of those people who sometimes forgets to post! It’s difficult, because people don’t like you to post much on jobs. If I take behind-the-scenes photos, I end up forgetting about them completely by the time the work comes out. But I do enjoy sharing some of my life with my fans.You had your third Sports Illustrated cover this year!
I was so excited. That team is truly like family. They helped launch my career in a massive way, and they are lovely people. This year’s issue was all about women of every age and size loving themselves and showing their confidence.Styled by famous celebrity stylist Aeri Yun, the charming screen diva went for a blonde wavy hairstyle done by Gavin Harwin and finishing smokey-red makeup touch by Erin Parsons.Credit: The Daily Summer

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