Thursday, May 23, 2024

Harvard Goes Against It Tradition, Admits Mostly Non-Whites This Year

The majority of Harvard University’s incoming class is nonwhite for the first time in the university’s 380 years, officials say. Reports say that 50.8% of the incoming freshmen class are from minority groups, up from last year’s 47.3%. Of the students admitted from minority groups, 22.2% are Asians, 14.6% are African American, 11.6% are Latino and 2.5% are Native American or Pacific Islander.Harvard’s milestone follows a New York Times report that said the U.S. Justice Department’s civil rights division planned to investigate universities for affirmative action admissions policies that discriminate against white applicants, according to an internal document obtained by the newspaper.The school told the newspaper that recruiters fanned out across USA and met with students, parents and high school counselors across 150 different communities.Photo Credit: Getty

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