Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hairstyle Trends: Stylish Hightop Fade Haircuts Celebrities Can’t Live Without

One reason why a celebrity will always have a fan is if the celebrity has something tangible to offer. This week on KOKO’s hairstyle trends, we will be discussing the hightop fade haircuts celebrities can’t live without as each and everyday, they have something similar to this look to offer. This haircut trend comes is a unique look that best fits both the guys and ladies. Its one amazing look that can be rocked using one’s natural hair colour and can also be tinted into different beautiful colours. Celebrities wear them to perform and models also rock them on the runway. This look can be worn for both casual and corporate events and can be rocked with different stunning makeup looks ranging from shimmer, sultry, smokey, glossy, metallic or matte. Wondering what this hair looks like and what colour to rock, check these out. Photo Credit: Getty

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