Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hairstyle Trend: Creative Crown Braids Every KOKOnista Love To Rock!

Hi friends, its time for some creativity and guess what? This week, we will be discussing a very trending hairstyle ‘crown braids’! This gorgeous hairdo has gained so much stand in the beauty world and our KOKOnistas just wouldn’t do without them.Braids come in different looks but yet, we can’t deny the simplicity and class in rocking a crown braid. This hairstyle comes in different colours, sizes, shapes, and many more. It can also be worn for all types of events and by all types of ladies regardless your skin-colour, and so on.Crown braids comes in a circular-braided look which can either be bold, tiny or more depending on individual’s preference. See more from this style. Photo Credit: Getty

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