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Game Of Thrones Recap: The Return Of Familiar Faces And The Birth Of A New Plot

Last night’s episode of GOT was meant to give the audience a breather after the past episodes so far had been a speeding rollercoaster. ‘Eastwatch’ slowed down a bit, attempting to form a bridge between the breakneck revelations so far and the last two episodes of the season which promises to be nothing short of explosive. So without much ado, we bring you the spoilers from the fifth episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones.
Jamie Is Not Dead, And Neither Is He Captured
Jaime and Bronn stagger out of the river, collapsing to the ground, gasping for air and even spewing a little. First, Jaime didn’t sink to the bottom of the river and drown, so his impenetrable plot armour is clearly lighter than it looks. Second, he somehow held his breath for long enough to get a mile away from the battle. If Jaime were a Greyjoy, the Iron Islands would be proclaiming him the Drowned God reborn. Most puzzlingly of all, Daenerys appears to have no interest whatsoever in hunting down Jaime, even though he would be the most valuable prisoner imaginable, so he is allowed to return to his nutty sister in King’s Landing. Every of the Tarly army bends a knee to Daenerys, except Sam Tarly’s father Randyll and brother Dickon, who ended up dying for their pride.
Tyrion Sneaks Into King’s Landing For An Emotional Reunion
Tyrion managed to sneak into King’s Landing to meet with Jaime, a man who has pledged to brutally murder him on sight. The reason: Tyrion came up with a plan to capture an evil ice zombie and show it to Cersei to convince her the threat is real. This leads to an emotional bromance moment between Tyrion and Jamie who had just informed Cersei that Olenna, not Tyrion was responsible of the death of their son which virtually did nothing to diminish Tyrions hatred by Cersei who reveals that she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby….Wheeeeeeew! That was a mouthful!
Two Favourite Characters Return
Remember Roberth Baratheon’s bastard son Gendry who managed to escape genocide but still nearly ended up dead due to Melisandre and travelling the length of thenSeven Kingdoms with Aya Stark? Well he is back and it seems he might be important to unravelling who finally sits on the iron throne. Plus Sammy fully cure Ser Jirah Mormont who wastes no time returning to take his rightful place beside his Khaleesi. The stage seems to be fully set for a blockbuster end to the season.Photo Credit: Getty

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