Friday, February 23, 2024

Finally! Michael Brown’s Parent Reached Settlement In Lawsuit

Remember Michael “Mike” Brown, the young black teenager that was fatally shot on August 9, 2014 by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson? Nearly three years after the shooting that lead to his death, the parents of Michael Brown and the city of Ferguson, Missouri, have reached a settlement according to a court document filed on June 19, 2017. As ‘reported’ by The Associated Press, a federal judge has ‘approved’ the settlement in the wrongful-death lawsuit filed by Michael Brown Snr. and his ex-wife, Lezley McSpadden. Brown, who was 18 at the time, was unarmed when Officer Darren Wilson, who said that Brown had attacked him and charged toward him when he fired the fatal shots, and shot him three years ago. Some witnesses at the scene stated that Brown had his hands up in an attempt to surrender to the officer, but both federal and state prosecutors questioned that narrative and determined that there was not enough evidence to charge the white police officer Darren criminally.The parents of the slain 18-year-old, who sued the city back in May of 2015, allege in their lawsuit that Wilson was unreasonably aggressive when he stopped Brown and used excessive force while violating his civil rights. Judge E. Richard Webber of the Eastern District of Missouri sealed the details of the settlement, which also named the city of Ferguson and the former police chief, Thomas Jackson. The amount would be less than $3 million (NGN 945,750,000), according to a person familiar with the details of the case, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because no one is allowed to speak about the particulars of the case. Three million dollars is the most the city can pay under its insurance, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.Photo Credit: Getty

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