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Fashion DIY: Simple Guide To Making Your Own ‘Denim Appliqués’

Appliques are the perfect way to jazz up plain articles of clothing, or make old clothes into something fresh and fun. However today we’ll be looking at few quick & easy do-it-yourself tips on how to make denim appliques at home.Although, appliques can personalize t-shirts or tote bags, it’s a must when it comes to the denim because they give more sophistication and creativity to the clothing. You can always make an applique out of any design you can think up, so the sky’s the limit!But first what do you have to do? It is advisable to choose carefully, a design and fabric which you would love to use. If it’s your first time you may want to go with a simple design, like a heart, a star, or a bird, generally objects with clearly defined and recognizable silhouettes.Then carry out an online search for “applique designs” if you’d like to see a wide range of ideas that have worked for other crafters. When you find the one you love then you match it with yours or just go for the same.Also keep in mind that you’ll be sewing around the edges of your applique when you apply it to your chosen article of clothing. And shapes with simpler geometric will be easier to sew around. In all, go with what works for your skill level. Think about what type of fabric the design is made of because it’ll enhance applique and it is quite important to make choices based on color and style.Here is a quick tutorial on how to DIY appliques on a denim jacket – You’ll need:
– Appliqué type: Sequined florals (5 to 10) You can always use any of your choice
– Safety pins large enough to hold your appliqués in place
– A needle
– Matching thread
– Thread cutters (but you can use scissors in a pinch)
– A denim jacket

Step 1: Button up your jacket completely, and lay it flat, facing up.
Place appliqués in several different places. We positioned ours over a pocket, but make sure you’re okay with not having the use of that pocket before you make the same choice!
Step 3: Move them around until you’re happy with the quantity and configuration
Step 4: Secure the appliqués with safety pins, so they don’t move around while you’re sewing.
Step 5: Once appliqués are firmly in place, thread your needle with about two feet of thread, and begin to sew from the inside. Stitch around each piece, keeping stitches close together. Then, knot the thread several times and snip with a thread cutter (which makes a more precise cut and guards against fraying) or with scissors.

Step 7: Admire your handiwork! (And, of course, try it on).
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